Thursday, May 20, 2021

Pantry now open for in-person food selection

On May 4th we re-opened Pilgrim House to our Patrons!

We are happy to announce that on May 4th patrons of Fishes and Loaves were again permitted to enter Pilgrim House to select their own food. Due to COVID-19 concerns we provided “curbside only” pickup from mid-March of last year until now.

Patrons that prefer not to enter Pilgrim House may continue to pick-up “curbside” boxes, put together by our volunteer staff. In addition, those individuals unable to come to the pantry because of health issues or lack of transportation will continue to receive boxes delivered to their homes.

Safety Protocols: Strict safety protocols have been implemented that include wearing a face mask at all times if you are not fully vaccinated, sanitizing hands upon entry and maintaining a safe social distance. There is a limit of three individuals allowed in the distribution room at any one time to maximize social distancing. We also encourage patrons to move quickly and not fraternize with other clients while inside the building to minimize contact and maximize efficient distribution and consideration of others.

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