How It Works

What to expect when visiting Fishes and Loaves

Patrons are welcome to come weekly on Tuesday from 4-6pm or Thursday from noon-2pm. We have separate areas for meat, frozen food, dairy and prepared foods, as well as bakery items and produce. Signs are posted throughout the pantry indicating the quantity patrons may take depending on family size and availability of products. Examples include: 


  • Families of one or two members may select 1 of each type of item such as canned fruit or vegetables, tuna fish, peanut butter, mac and cheese, spaghetti sauce, cereal
  • Families of three or four may pick up 2 of each of these
  • Families of five or more may select 3 of each of these


  • Families of one or two may take 2 packages
  • Families or three or four may take 3 packages
  • Families of five or more may take 4 packages

Bread, Pastries and Dairy

Allowances for breads and pastries, as well as dairy products, follow the same pattern; again, it depends on how much product we have, as well as on family size. 

Accommodation for Special Diets

 Exceptions are made to accommodate patrons that have food allergies, are vegetarian or gluten-free. If these or any other conditions are of concern, we ask that patrons let one of our volunteers know or call the director at 860-824-7232 so that we may offer suitable alternatives. Note: Given the number of patrons we serve, we are not able to make up specific boxes for diabetics, low-sodium diets or other similar conditions. Individuals that are able to come into Pilgrim House rather than pick up food “curbside” can make selections to suit their circumstances, so we strongly encourage them to come in.

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